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Top 5 Career Options for Active People

Do you love to keep active? Do you have a thirst for adventure? Do you like to be outdoors, in the fresh air, and explore new places? If so, various active career options will let you use your natural energy and love of the outdoors while also helping other people. This list of active career options will give you some great ideas if you’re looking for active jobs. Each job is ideal for people who enjoy being outdoors, meeting new people and actively exploring the world around them. 


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Check out these 5 active career options if that sounds like something you might be interested in pursuing as a career:


Athlete and coach

Being an avid athlete or coach can turn this passion into a career by getting certified. You can get certified with ASFA as a personal trainer, and there are also a variety of coaching certifications you can pursue. This will let you teach others to play the sports you love and help them improve their performance. Another option is to become a sports therapist. Sports therapists help athletes recover from injuries, improve their performance, and avoid further injuries in the future.


Forest ranger

Forest rangers are a one-of-a-kind active career. Forest rangers work to protect and preserve forests, plants, and wildlife. They spend their days in the wilderness and may work alone or with other rangers in small teams. Forest rangers monitor forests for fires and other dangers, work to keep people out of protected areas, and help plants and animals thrive in their natural habitat. Forest rangers also engage in research and take care of essential records. Forest rangers can work in various fields and areas, including forestry, wildlife, parks, and botany.


Hiking instructor

If you love hiking, you can turn this love into a career as a hiking instructor. Hiking instructors lead hikers on outdoor excursions through wilderness areas and man-made paths. You can lead people on everything from day hikes to long-distance hikes, and you can specialize in certain areas, such as difficulty levels or special needs hikers. Hiking instructors can work in various fields, including outdoor education, outdoor adventure, and tourism.


Construction worker

Construction workers are needed in every city and town in the country. There are a variety of jobs in construction, and each job has different duties and requirements. You can pursue a construction career if you love working with your hands and are willing to get a little bit dirty. You might help build houses and buildings from the ground up or work on repairs and renovations. No matter what type of construction you choose, you’ll be working with your hands and outdoors in most cases.


Tour guide

If you love to travel and guide others on their travels, you can turn this into a career as a tour guide. Tour guides lead groups on tours, both through their local communities and on travel excursions. You can specialize in many areas, such as history, food, or nature. Tour guides can work in many fields and industries, such as tourism, academia, or local communities. If you have a specific interest or expertise, you can pursue a career as a private tour guide, leading small groups of people on tours that fit their particular interests.



There are various active career options available for people who love being outdoors and being active. Whether you’re an athlete or coach, a gardener, a forest ranger, a construction worker, or a tour guide, there are active jobs that allow you to be outdoors and be active. If you love to be active and enjoy being outdoors, you can earn a living while staying active with one of these active job options.


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