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How To Manage Money Stress As A Mom

Every element of your life changes when you become a mother, including your emotional, physical, professional, interpersonal, logistical, spiritual, and financial well-being. Being financially stressed out as a mother is common and understandable; there are many new financial responsibilities, and there may be changes in our income as a result of taking parental leave, choosing to work part-time, deciding to be a stay-at-home mom and other factors.


Become rooted in the here and now


When we dwell on or regret the past (“Maybe I shouldn’t have quit that job”) or worry about the future (“How am I going to buy diapers next week, let alone pay for college?”), depression can result. The present moment is when peace can be discovered. You and your baby(ies) are safe and secure right now as long as you are breathing.


Every day should begin with some mindfulness


Your day may begin with the baby waking you up or with your alarm clock, depending on the age of your child or children. Consider using a baby’s calm feeding time to connect with your breath and your senses. Slow down and deepen your breathing to focus on the present moment. Breathe out what doesn’t benefit you and in what you need (peace, hope, calmness) (fear, worry, anxiety). If you have young children or toddlers, think about setting your alarm for 30 minutes before their typical wake-up time. You can use this time to practise mindfulness and self-care and start your day off right. Think about using guided meditations with a money theme, such as abundance and prosperity meditations.


Release your ego and establish a connection with your essence


Our ego is the way our mind perceives ourselves, and it frequently holds us in low regard and spews fearful, anxious ideas. Our true spirit is who we are at our core. Our financial concerns and troubles become apparent when we separate from our ego and unite with our essence through mindfulness exercises like deep breathing, meditation, and yoga. Each of us is inherently worthy and deserving.


Maintain a healthy distance from the bad feelings brought on by financial stress


Learn to recognise the waves of negative emotions flowing through your body with mindfulness exercises. Recognize them as typical reactions to your upbringing, nature, and pressures. Practice self-compassion and give yourself permission to feel emotions and let them go in a healthy way, such as through breathing out, exercise, journaling, or social interaction. To respond thoughtfully rather than emotionally, learn how to ride your emotional waves rather than being swept away by them.


Concentrate on what you can control and let go of what you cannot


Only our own thoughts, decisions, and deeds are under our control; we have no power over others. Therefore, empower yourself to do what you can to support your mental and financial well-being. For example, look into financial assistance and other resources that may be available to you and your children. You can also look to sell things you no longer need like your old car to edmunds


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