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Preparing Your Kids to Study Abroad

Preparing your kids before they leave to study abroad is important, there is a big workload that comes with the commitment and it starts at home.


Studying abroad is something I always wanted to do when I was younger, see new sights, see new people and learn cultures from all over the world. This is why I’m writing this post about preparing your kids to study abroad. I didn’t have anyone to help guide me at the time where I really needed it, and I hope this helps at least one parent guide their child on the right path to see some of their dreams through too.


7 Steps to Prepare Your Kids to Study Abroad


Start planning early

Studying abroad requires a lot of preparation and planning, so it’s important to start early. If your child shows interest in studying abroad, research different study abroad programs and destinations, and start saving money for their trip. It won’t be as expensive as an American College usually, unless the destination is a really sought after location.


Research the destination

Research the country and city where your child will be studying. Learn about the culture, customs, laws, and safety measures in that country and educate your child on these. This will help your child adjust better and avoid culture shock and also stop them from getting in trouble along the way.


Visa and paperwork

Your child will need a visa and other paperwork to study abroad. Help them gather all the necessary documents and apply for a visa for the duration of their trip + at least 6 months in case they want to stay, to give them time to apply for another visa. Make sure they have a valid passport and all other required travel documents and I would recommend renewing the passport if it will run out within a year of the studies ending.


Stay in touch

Staying connected with your child while they are studying abroad is very important. Encourage them to share their experiences and compliment them on how well they’re doing day to day.


Teach them life skills

Studying abroad will give your child an opportunity to learn life skills such as managing finances, cooking, and dealing with pop up emergencies. Teach them these skills before they leave so they can handle themselves better whilst they’re abroad and you’re not close by.


Encourage independence

Studying abroad is a great opportunity for your child to gain independence and develop new skills. Encourage them to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their actions whilst having fun when they are away. It’s all part of the experience!


Consider a travel insurance

You may want to consider purchasing travel insurance for your child. This will protect them in case of medical emergencies, travel delays, issues with accommodation and a plethora of other issues that may arise. It may be quite expensive for a long trip, but many companies have a monthly payment option so you can split it over the duration of the stay.


Preparing your kids to study abroad can take careful planning, and some support too, but by following the above tips you can really help your child have the best experience when they want to take the leap to study abroad.


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