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Planning a Solo Female Trip of the US


Solo female travel is on the rise. While travel may have been off the cards in general over the past couple of years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most countries have now reopened their borders and many of us are starting to plan a list of places we want to visit. The issue? Planning trips can be difficult. You may have good intentions, a list of destinations, the money saved and the time free to travel, but often, people find themselves facing one, last hurdle: finding someone to go with. Now, it can be fun travelling with other people. You gain company, can create fond memories and more. The issue is that if you don’t have people ready or prepared to go, you may find yourself waiting forever and never actually experiencing the world yourself. This is why so many people are now testing the waters of solo travel. If you’re a woman, the USA offers a great place to start this type of independent adventure. Here are some tips to help you plan your journey!




The first area of focus, and main area of focus for any solo female trip, is safety. The world can be a great place, but it can also be a dangerous place, wherever you go. There are always going to be risks. Do your research. Some places are generally deemed safer than others, with low crime rates or criminal activity in general. Take up some time to look up the safest cities in each state that you’re planning on visiting. This can give you some guidance on where to book accommodation and where to spend your time. You should also follow basic safety common sense, such as never hitchhiking, never picking up a hitchhiker, avoiding being alone outside at night, avoiding getting drunk or drinking when alone or any other general safety advice.


A Schedule


Knowing what you want to get out of your trip can help you to decide everything from where to go, to how long to stay, to what activities you want to book in and what healthcare coverage you may need to manage your health on the road. The US offers near enough everything. Want to go hiking? There are countless national parks with guided tours. Want to see major world sites? There are plenty scattered around, from the Hollywood sign to the Statue of Liberty. Want to hear great live music? Visit places like New Orleans or Austin, Texas. Want surf? Head to Hawaii. Note down all the things you want to do and create a loose schedule. This will help you to fit everything in and tick everything off your to-do list.


Getting Around


How are you going to get about while you’re away? Do you want to take public transport? Major cities like New York have great public transport networks, including the subway. Are you planning on heading from one state to another? You may want to hire a car and take a road trip.


These are just a few starting points to work with when planning a solo female trip of the USA. Hopefully, some of the tips will get the wheels on your venture in motion!

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