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9 Secrets To Raise A Happy Baby

Nothing in the world is precious for parents other than getting a magical vibe from a smiling baby with shining eyes. There are few secrets to raise a happy baby that I’m going to share with you in this blog.

Your presence around babies matters a lot more than showering them with expensive toys. The more you get attached to your baby, the happier they are. Internal happiness defines the nurturing of healthy babies. Stop taking stress on parenting, be calm, stick to them and enrich your family thrives.

Emotional comfort to the baby from a responsive and happier parent helps grow and develop an emotionally healthier, happier, and calmer adult.

Babies make messes, add enormous responsibility, and disrupt your peaceful time. But, all the anxiety fades seeing the eyes of smiling babies.

Give constant time and attention to your baby. Make your babies feel like you are always there for them to lessen their tension regarding their future well-being for your little ones.

What are the Benefits of Raising a Happy Baby?


  • Forms a good friend circle.
  • Trustworthy by nature
  • Have a higher level of self-esteem and confidence
  • Great academic performance
  • Develop a healthy heart and often keeps on smiling and laughing
  • Strong leadership ability in the future
  • Learns to prioritize happiness with emotional attachment instead of material possession
  • Displays an act of kindness
  • An active lifestyle with improved fitness
  • Thrives for mom’s and dad’s happiness as they grow older.

9 Secrets To Raise a Happy Baby

Raising happy kids is not a big deal for parents; keep patience and wisdom, and that is all that matters. I have rounded up a few of the ways to help you keep your baby fulfilled. Please have a look at these 9 secrets, tips, and tricks to nurture and raise your happy little baby.

1. Cuddle with your Baby

The best way to enhance emotional bonding and caress attachment with your baby is to cuddle with them. Make positive contact with babies to make them feel secure and safe around you.

A baby is likely to have a level increment in stress hormone in lack of positive contact from you, so if you want to make kids develop good feelings, embrace them with love and care. Cuddling with babies helps them show empathy, develop healthy social relationships, and self-confidence when they grow up as an adult.

The only way to overcome stress with the calmness of your baby is to cuddle with them. When you hold and play with them, it provokes an increment of oxytocin in the baby’s body that keeps them calm.

2. Respond to your Baby’s Cries

Never feel a baby’s cry as a burden and an irritating factor. A baby crying is a sign for calling you whenever they need you, are hungry, or are uncomfortable in your absence.

As a capable parent, you may already be predictable about a baby’s crying pattern. You know when they are hungry, distressed, angry, or they are uncomfortable based on the way they cry. Identify the needs of your baby as they cry and pamper them accordingly.

The aftermath impact of proper response to a Baby’s cry is a decrement in impulsive behavior of a baby, and they no more show aggressive and violent nature in adulthood.

3. Be Playful and Have Fun with your Baby

Do not surround your babies with toys in the hope that they are happy and enjoy the moment. You cannot guarantee a lone baby having fun because of the tons of colorful and playful toys. You having fun with your kiddo counts as a simpler way to raise happy kids.

Give them a potion of love by playing with them. Giggle with them, communicate with them using the baby’s babbling language and make funny sounds. It’s better to copy your baby; whenever they are about to cry, you make a crying face, smile as they smile, call the way they call for your attention.

Be happier parents to keep your baby happy. You make crazy fusses and sounds and pretend to be the way your baby is to see a happy face.

4. Prioritize Sleep Time for your Kiddo

Healthy sleep triggers a harmonious development of a baby. Mamas set up a proper sleep time for your newborn. Hours of sleep in the daytime and nighttime help you to raise happy children.

Most often, a baby cries whenever they wake up, and you have to struggle to make them quiet. But, if you provide them with a cozy and warm sleep, they might wake up an as relaxed and happy child. It’s better to give them a bath and body massage before they sleep.

Scheduled nap time is crucial for your baby as it builds the baby’s brain capacity. They will be able to control mood disorders, strengthen memories, be impulsive towards learning language and develop an ability to control their emotions.

5. Read for Your Baby

The best way to boost the brainpower of your baby is by reading to them. Keep a lot of books around your babies to instill reading behavior. Reading to them at night time before going to sleep sounds soothing. To make your child emotionally stable, read to them every day.

Books and a good story, especially at bedtime, keep babies engaged. They develop imaginative power by hearing fictional or non-fictional stories. Mom and dad, read to them to build communication with your baby.

Development of literacy, vocabulary, refining reading and writing skills are some benefits of reading to babies.

6. Take Your Baby Out

Being at home is not always fun. Sometimes you need to change the scenery and mood for your baby. Take your little one out and walk them to parks and let them enjoy nature with fresh air. Mamas, take a leave from your work, keep your distress aside, go outside and be happy with your child.

If you notice irritation in your baby’s crying pattern, difficulty feeding, and making them sleep; it’s a call for outdoor fun. To make your baby’s mood better, make them social. Organize a play date with other mothers and babies as they get attached to babies for sure.

It is great to get fresh air for you and your baby.

7. Give Time for Your Little One

Holding motherhood is tough with the addition of a Baby’s responsibility along with your work, career, and household chores. It is not possible to spend hours with your kiddo every time. You hire nannies or caretakers in such a case, but do not forget you are the mother.

Give your time to your baby keeping your work, phone calls, and laptop aside when you are around them. Whenever you leave for work, cuddle with them, talk to them, and sing for them. Such loving gestures and interaction from your side keep your baby happy.

Whether caregivers spend most of the time with babies, they favor your presence in happy and sad moments.

Give and Take Share and Care Habit

Before a baby matures, teach them the importance of sharing and the caring nature of humankind. Let them make understand the importance of sharing and caring in life to help others and gain life satisfaction.

Make your little one engaged in cooperative games to teach them the need for teamwork. If you set up a competitive game between two children on solving puzzles, they think of the other player as an obstacle and be selfish to win for themselves. Such acts make the selfish grownup child.

Gently encourage your babies to share to help them develop empathy and understand the meaning of fairness and compromise as per circumstances.

Make them Optimistic

To raise an optimistic child, all you need to do is act with patience. A baby’s cry is the thing that symbolizes your baby is not satisfied. When they cry out loud for a more extended period or nag while eating, instead of shouting at them, keep calm and pamper them.

Optimism eventually influences happiness among children. An optimistic child in adulthood forms a good social relationship. They build up confidence at school and at work. They can easily cope with anxiety and mood swings.


Raising happy kids is all about investing time and effort by mother and father. Despite a hectic day and work pressure, if you are around the happy smiley face of a baby, your tension depletes, and you enjoy each company.

To help moms and dads nurture a happy child, I have indexed 9 secrets to raise your happy baby. Use the tricks and help yourself.

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