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Parents Night Out

Parents Night Out

Parents night out (also named date night) is a service offered by a lot of childcare providers (or even community centers) where parents can drop their kids off for a few hours so parents can head out for some much needed R&R.


As parents we know we sometimes need a break, and it’s so important to get that rest when the opportunity comes around. That’s why parents night out was created, not only to give parents a much needed break, but to also give children the opportunity to be in a new space, and learn some awesome new things too.


Parents Night Out – How Does it Work?

Parents night out is organized by lots of local centers, and childminders alike. They are run by trained and experienced staff members who engage with your children whilst you head out, and work through the whole bedtime routine as you specify too if you bring in a specific childcare provider.

For older children who head to centers, there are activities such as games, crafts, movies and everything in between, so they have a great time whilst you’re out.


When Is Parents Night Out?

Parents night out differs across the country, a lot of centers run them mid-week, others run them at weekends.

Some places only schedule their nights during special occasions like Valentines Day or New Years Eve, and some schedule the sessions weekly, it’s

To see some other parents who are enjoying their experience, check out the Instagram hashtag for Parents Night Out. 

A lot of centers will advertise their nights out on their websites, so parents can book and plan their night, and often they are in awesome locations like museums so the visit for the children can be fun and educational too! Check out this one here at the Kidzu children’s museum.


To Conclude

To conclude, parents night out is an invaluable service for parents who need a break from responsibilities, and who want to reconnect with their loved ones. Not only can you be comfortable knowing your children are well looked after, but you can guarantee they will have an awesome time whilst they are there too!

Once your night out is over, you can go back to your full time parenting job with a clear mind, and remind yourself why you love being a parent too!


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