Cool DIY Ideas To Do With Your Children -
Homemade Birdfeeder

Cool DIY Ideas To Do With Your Children


15 Cool DIY Ideas To Do With Your Chidlren


Parenting is hard work, and often we can find ourselves with ‘parenting block’ as I call it.


Below are 15 amazing DIY ideas to do with your children:


  1. Create a homemade bird feeder: Use a recycled plastic bottle or milk carton and have your children decorate it with paint or stickers. Fill it with birdseed and watch as the birds flock to it.
  2. Make a mini garden: Gather some small plants, soil, and a container. Let your children create their own mini garden by arranging the plants and decorating the container.
  3. Build a cardboard fort: Collect cardboard boxes and have your children help you construct a fun fort. They can decorate it with paint, markers, or stickers.
  4. Create a sensory bin: Fill a large plastic bin with different items such as rice, beans, or water beads. Let your children explore and play with the different textures.
  5. Make homemade play dough: Mix flour, salt, water, and food coloring to make your own play dough. Let your children mould and create with it.
  6. Paint rocks: Collect rocks and have your children paint them with acrylic paint. They can use them as paperweights or decorate the garden.
  7. Make paper airplanes: Teach your children how to fold paper airplanes and have a competition to see whose plane flies the furthest.
  8. Build a birdhouse: Use scrap wood or purchase a birdhouse kit and have your children assemble and paint it.
  9. Create a mosaic: Use broken pieces of tile, glass, or shells to create a beautiful mosaic. Your children can get creative with the design.
  10. Make a collage: Collect magazines, newspapers, and pictures and have your children create a collage with their favorite images.
  11. Build a robot: Use recycled materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and paper towel rolls to create a fun robot. Let your children decorate it with paint and markers.
  12. Create a memory jar: Decorate a jar and have your children fill it with small trinkets and memories such as ticket stubs, seashells, or photographs!
  13. Make a musical instrument: Use household items such as rice and beans to create a shaker or cardboard and rubber bands to create an awesome guitar.
  14. Build a terrarium: Use a clear glass container and fill it with soil, plants, and small figurines. Your children can create their own miniature garden and hide their favorite toys in there too.
  15. Make a photo album: Gather old photographs and have your children create a photo album by arranging the pictures and decorating the pages with glitter or anything fun and sparkly.

Remember, you’re not just limited to your imagination when parenting, ask your children what they want to do too, find awesome and amazing ways to help your children express themselves and feed those imaginations!

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