Do These Things To Plan For Your Future -

Do These Things To Plan For Your Future

Time passes by whether you want it to or not, and your future will be here before you know it. While you should certainly make endeavors to enjoy the special moments that occur every day, you need to plan for your future, too. Take steps to put your personal affairs in order so that you can put them out of your mind and have fun in the moment. Keep reading for helpful tips on how to tick off the boxes on your life’s planning checklist.


Plan for Your Final Resting Place

Most people do not enjoy talking about death. Adding the topic of what you want to be done with your body after you pass is even less appealing. It has to be discussed, however. If you have preferences about where you want to be laid to rest and the overall disposition of your body, you must speak up.

You can, and should tell someone, preferably your Power of Attorney (more on that later) so they know your wishes. Even better, though, is that you take the time to write in detail all of your final wishes. A preference for burial or cremation is a deeply personal one. Where to bury your body for eternity is another decision you should make instead of leaving it to your loved ones to decide. 

Finally, take the time to select a gravestone from a selection of fine granite grave markers. You can choose the size, granite color, font, design, picture or icon, and wording. Choose the options that will make you happy now and reflect your unique personality.


Arrange Your Funeral Service

If you have had an opportunity, throughout your life, to attend one or many funeral services, you have likely noticed the process. Perhaps you have found certain aspects of the service to be lovely and appropriate, while other areas are not to your liking. A funeral service can be decided by your family and set to their specifications as they try to consider what yours might have been. 

Or, you can do it yourself. If you would like your funeral to be a solemn event, so be it. Choose a list of funeral dirges to set the mood and suit the occasion. Should you prefer a more upbeat celebration of your life, you should curate a special playlist for the event. You can request that everyone say something about you or only ask one or two people to speak in your memory.

If you have a favorite athletic team, request the funeral attendees to come decked out in jerseys or the team’s colors. A more formal service will have the requisite black dress code. A fun spin on traditional funeral food can consist of an ice cream bar if going out for sweets was a favorite pastime of yours. Whatever you choose to do, ensure you write it down in great detail, if at all possible. This will ensure your wishes are not confusing for others and make it easier on them, too.


Write Your Obituary

An obituary is like a final farewell to those who knew you well and those who did not. It is an announcement of your death that should include some highlights about your life. As with the aforementioned tasks, you can leave this to someone else to write or do it yourself. They may be too stressed by your passing or the sheer amount of newfound responsibilities they have recently been assigned to do your obituary justice.

By writing your own obituary, you will make sure it is written just as you wish. You can include a short synopsis of your life or make it as grand as can be. Write about your education, accomplishments, volunteer work, and family life. Be sure to choose the photograph you want to include in the obituary. You never know what someone else may pick, and you can opt for one that shows you basking in the sun on a memorable vacation or shows your best side in a formal photo. The picture and words will live on for perpetuity, so you should spend some time with your decisions.

Watch this video for a new perspective on how writing your own obituary now can change how you live your life and live up to the words you have written.



Draft a Will

If you do not have a Living Will and Testament or have not reviewed it in some time, you need to take action. Your Will is an essential document that lists who you want to leave your financial assets and earthly possessions to after you pass away. If you have more than one child, do them a favor and fully document to whom you want to leave your prized salad bowl collection or vintage motorcycle. By doing this, you avoid hard feelings and in-fighting at a time when they will be dealing with your death and should focus on that instead of material possessions.

A comprehensive will should be drafted by a qualified lawyer. It is worthwhile to invest in their professional services to ensure your wishes are followed and that they follow the laws of your country. If you have minor children, the Will should include the names of those who will become their guardians if you die. Remember to include your pets, too, so your Executor knows where they should live.

While you are in the process of creating a Will, take the time to have papers drawn up to assign Powers of Attorney, as well. You can appoint someone as a POA for your finances, healthcare, etc. These will be in place while you are alive and are necessary should you become incapacitated or are unable to care for your healthcare decisions or finances. Only choose a trusted person to handle these essential responsibilities and talk with them before making it official.

Even though you are being proactive in taking the time to plan for your future, you still need to consider your present. Caring for your mind and body is essential. Pay attention to the body you have now so that you can live your life to the fullest while you are still here.

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