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5 Reasons You Should Consider Building Your Own House

The idea of building your own home might sound like a huge undertaking, and in some respects, it is. But really, when you have the right home builder for your needs, it becomes a lot easier. There has been a lot of conversation about whether you should buy or build, which should always be the case – because it is a realistic option when you are already looking at the upheaval of moving and the cost of buying a home. 

But what are some of the driving factors that make it even more interesting? Here are five reasons why you and others should consider building your own home.


Why is building your own home so popular? 

The housing landscape has changed significantly over the last 20 years, and houses used to be hundred to a few thousand pounds or dollars. Now it is a few hundred thousand, and you don’t get more for your money. 

With that much money in play and land being reasonably priced, along with people making more money – and having a clearer idea of how they want to live, a rise in custom-built houses started. 

With a unique home builder offering a completely personalized service and for-you options, it is hard to resist having such an investment being completely perfect for you – rather than just being ‘okay.’



When it comes to making investments for your future, real estate is one that is commonly recommended. It is a long-term investment that, when you make it right, will be good for years – and it will be here long after you aren’t. 

Many people consider real estate investments when they have children because it is a legacy that can be handed down. 

And, since you designed the house, it can hold an even deeper meaning for those who are directly passed down, too. 

One thing to keep in mind with real estate is that while there are always highs and lows in the housing market, most of the time, houses will appreciate over time, and that applies to custom-built homes, too. 


Quality Control 

When you are sitting on the third floor of a house that you have purchased, it doesn’t often cross your mind that there were any steps skipped that might make the house unsafe. However, that very much could be the case. 

There may be issues with the foundations, the build in general, steps skipped in the electrical installments, and more. And although a survey and an inspection should help highlight any of these issues, the truth is you never really know how high the finish truly is. 

When you work directly with a building contractor, you can select the materials used and play a part in more of the process. 

You can see the reviews and look at other work, too. Often, when you buy a home, you won’t have much to go on about who built it and the type of builders and contractors on site. When you choose to build your own home, you have a much tighter grasp on it all. 


Custom Built

If you need an office, a nursery, a playroom, and a lot of accessibility – all of that can be built into your design. You can future-proof your aging by making sure that it is taken into consideration, or if you have family members who need extra features, then you can have those fitted. Having your home built to your exact specifications and lifestyle means that you don’t need to make any compromises at all. 

And it’s not just the greater details that you get to choose from; you can choose to be selective of all of the fittings, too – everything from the doors to the door nobs. 



The cost can become tricky, but eventually, building your own home will often work out to be cheaper. When you have purchased a house, and you need to make additions, renovations, and changes to the lot – each of those easily reaches into the thousands. Those thousands stack up thick and fast until the cost can be 25% – 30% or more of the price of the house – and in some cases, you won’t make that back on the sale. 

So, looking at the features you really want and factoring in the cost to make extensive changes to a pre-built house could mean that you are more than a little better off getting a house built to your exact requirements. 

Eco home


With more companies putting a premium on gas and encouraging customers to switch to using greener fuel, making sure your house is prepared to be eco-friendly can start from the early designs. It’s not just about the fuel usage, though. When you are creating a house from scratch, you can select materials that are known for their heat-holding properties, or you can make sure that there are water butts and filters in place for a clean water source. 

The roof can be built with the maximum amount of solar panels in mind, and you can customize which rooms get maximum sunlight – and what it does with it. Incorporating rooms that may be ‘underground’ so that they can benefit from a cooler area is the idea for food storage. The list becomes endless when you are looking for cool ways for your purpose-built house to be eco-friendly. 

Building your home can be one of the best ways for people who are creative but know how they want to live to be able to express themselves. The best part about building your own home is that you can live your life your way and include features that mean something to you that you wouldn’t ordinarily see on the street. 

Always keep in mind, though, that as you design the ‘outside’ of the house, your unique vision needs to be reflected. As you work on creating the walls and other big features, always keep in mind the interior that you want – so that as the last piece of carpet or flooring is laid, your vision fully comes together. 

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