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5 Tips for Cleaning Grout in Your Home

When you use tools and equipment to scrub your bathroom’s grout, what are you cleaning it with?

This is a great question to ask if you’re looking to clean grout in your home better and more effectively. The answer is water and the grout cleaner of your choice!

Yet, if you’re looking to get the best results possible, it’s smart to do more than just spray and scrub. Here are a few tips on cleaning grout to help you take more time and make more of an impact.

Read on!

1. Try Vinegar and Warm Water For A DIY Solution

Begin by moping the grout with warm water and a sponge. Make a solution of equal parts water and vinegar in a bucket. If you prefer, you can also use a spray bottle.

Spray this solution onto the grout and let it sit for five to ten minutes. After it has sat, use a firm brush to scrub the grout until it is clean. Rinse off the floor with warm water to remove any residue. If necessary, you may need to repeat this process if the grout is still dirty.

2. Bleach Your Grout

Before applying bleach, make sure the area is well-ventilated. Wearing rubber gloves and protecting the rest of your home with drop cloths will help limit any potential damage. Begin by mixing one part bleach with two parts warm water in a bucket and adding a few squirts of dish soap.

Dip the grout brush into the mixture and gently scrub the grout lines. Rinse with clean water and let dry. Apply the diluted bleach solution directly to tough stains and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing.

3. Steam Out The Worst Grout Stains

Start by attaching a grout-cleaning brush attachment to your steam cleaner. Be sure to wear safety goggles and protective gloves when cleaning to protect yourself.

When the grout is dry, pre-treat the stains with a mild detergent and scrub with the brush attachment of the steam cleaner. Use a softer brush attachment to protect the grout from damage.

4. Add Some Baking Soda

Mix baking soda and water in a bowl until it forms a paste. Then, apply the paste to the grout and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Scrub the grout with a brush or a grout brush and rinse it off with water.

This method can be repeated a few times, if necessary, to get rid of any stubborn stains.

5. Know the Types of Grout that You Have

Different types of grout have different cleaning requirements, and you should use products that are compatible with the type of grout that you have. Natural stone grout is best cleaned with pH-neutral cleaners or mild detergent and warm water.

Epoxy grout should be cleaned with a damp cloth and not cleaners that contain abrasive chemicals, such as bleach.

Also, cleaning clear grout can be done with warm water and a safe cleaning solution, using a brush or cloth to agitate the surface if necessary.

Get a Great Looking Space by Cleaning Grout

Keep these tips in mind for cleaning grout in your home and you’ll always have a great-looking space! As tedious and time-consuming as it can be, it’s important to stay on top of cleaning it regularly and with the proper products.

Start cleaning your grout today!

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