Improve The Quality Of Your Pool Water With This Cleaner -
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Improve The Quality Of Your Pool Water With This Cleaner

For you to maintain the good quality of swimming water, you will need to make sure that your water is safe in the first place. In case the pool water is left without any treatment, a lot of harmful bacteria can inhabit the water. Bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella, and Lengionella are just a couple of sorts that can thrive and inhabit the water. Unfortunately, diseases caused by these bacteria are considered to be the most difficult type. So, for you to maintain the good quality of water, you will need to keep the chemistry of your water balanced and it is done with cleaners and additives. Here are some things you should know about them.

Robot Pool Cleaner

For a long period of time, homeowners and pool owners have been burdened with the maintenance of the pool. Most homeowners do not know how to chemically balance the water in the pool or eliminate debris from the water. Mainly, debris that can be found in pools is the reason for bacteria to thrive and pollute the water of your pool. But, now, you can use just a single device, such as a pool cleaner, to keep your pool clean and all debris out of sight. Pool vacuum cleaners are super convenient as they can be controlled with phone apps. This innovative technology appeared on the market 35 years ago and is one of the major technologies which are used within the domain of pool cleaning. When compared to the other automatic swimming pool cleaners used, Maytronics robots are the ones that have si improved technology they are ahead of their time.

What These Robots Do

The robots like these are the ones that smart clean your swimming pools as they suck and scrub the pool which will leave your water crystal clear. The main purpose of these automatic cleaners is that they will allow you to enjoy your time in the swimming pool much more than the time you spend cleaning it. As this smart robot is controlled by an app, you can enjoy your time while robots clean the pool leaving your water as clean as spring water.

What Is the Difference Between the Regular Pool Vacuum Cleaners and Maytronics Robot

There is a great number of robots that are used for swimming pool cleaning available at the market and they can be used for multiple purposes. However, the majority of the cleaners available at the market can sound much better than they are in reality. Some of these cleaners include ground pool cleaners, pressure-side pool cleaners, summer suction pool cleaners, and waterline pressure pool cleaners. The vast number of these devices can have a huge range of functions and can also have a huge difference in performance when we are talking about the debris removal which can be found in the in-ground pools. However, when we look just at the simplest functions of the Maytroonics you will notice that this robot is, first things first, the innovative swimming pool robot that is operated through apps and does not require manual handling.

The Comparison Between Devices

Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner is able to suck up the floating debris in the pool from both floors and from the surface. Another positive aspect of this robot is that it can also scrub both walls and floors. It has the ability to climb the wall and scrub the surfaces along the waterline. This robot does have the ability to use the smart navigation technology of the suction and to clean the entire pool at once. Also, this technology is the one having quick and easy-cleaning access which leaves you more time to enjoy your pool.

In contrast to this, the auto pool vacuum cleaners are of the kind which can automatically suck the debris and all particles from the pool floor. However, these devices do not rely on navigation technology and go by following random patterns. Also, they are not strong enough to remove algae, grime, and dirt. When you are using the auto pool vacuum you will need to do manual scrubbing and you will end up with a lot of floating debris all over the place. This will make your time for enjoying time in your pool much shorter.

Climate Care Certified Cleaner

Dolphin automatic cleaner will leave you with crystal clear water and no room for you to be stressed. This type of cleaner is one of the world’s first climate-approved cleaners. Dolphin cleaners will also reduce energy consumption, reduce any kind of chemical usage, and will waste significantly less water. Namely, the Maytronic cleaners have a couple of ranges. The beginner range, mid-range which can cover the mid-range floor and wall, as well as the premium cleaners which can clean the floor, waterline, and walls, which is a much better alternative to the robot vacuum cleaners.

Smart Technology: Used From Your Phone

One of the biggest perks of this device is its ability to use super smart technologies. The advanced navigation system will demand less time for you to control the device. Everything you will need is Wi-Fi connected pool robot that you can fully control by using MyDolphin App. Another benefit of this device is to choose modes, set the timer, be notified about every change, and select the cycle that will clean your pool and keep it perfectly clear. Besides, you are not required to be at home so you can operate it. These cleaners are proof that vacuum cleaners can work independently. You are given the freedom to clean your pool whenever you want. All you will need to do is to press the button and the cleaner will start cleaning. You will make your pool a clean oasis and will have more time to enjoy your pool.

Pools are one of the greatest luxuries you can afford for yourself. However, you will need to devote some time to its cleaning. At times, chemical balancing can be quite demanding and it is typically caused by debris collecting in the pool. Preventing your pool from being polluted, will eliminate the possibility for your family to catch some difficult disease.

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